Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, it’s Ryan Gosling (not really)

Hey girl, it’s Ryan Gosling (not really)

Add the hunk’s face or name to any online post and watch the clicks multiply
Turning off the charm

Bradley Cooper turns off the charm

The famously good-looking Hollywood star is out to prove he’s a serious actor, too

TIFF 2012: Spring Breakers stars a grown-up Selena Gomez

Five dramatic transitions from child star to adult

Newsmakers: June 8-14, 2012

The mayor who cheesed off Obama, an Ottawa man’s unfortunate likeness, and taking flak for hating Nickelback

Golden Globes shine on ’The Artist,’ Gosling and Clooney

Why do the Globes treat ’The Descendants’ as a drama and ’My Week with Marilyn’ as a comedy?
The game changers

This year’s winners: the game changers

From Arcade Fire, through Mark Carney to the Palestinians–whatever they did, this year they played by their own rules
The real festival stars

The real festival stars

Now that the circus act has left Toronto, our critic picks the films that are bound for glory
Juliette lewis liked my purse!

Novice on the red carpet: Juliette Lewis liked my purse!

At TIFF2011, Jessica Allen learned the ins and outs of celebrity hunting. Now she’s back ...

Working the room: Learning how it’s done

If George Clooney and Ryan Gosling are good at anything, it’s attracting a crowd — as they demonstrated at TIFF2011
Red hot Ryan

TIFF2011: Red hot Ryan Gosling

As TIFF ignites the fall season of serious movies, no one is creating more heat than Gosling