Saddam Hussein

Iran – Iraq War

The Iran-Iraq war, continued

A new book reveals surprising economic subterfuge behind a bloody conflict that still shapes the region
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Boom times in Kurdistan

The beleaguered region of Iraq is booming, much to the rest of the country’s chagrin
In the shadow of 9/11

In the shadow of 9/11

Debating the impact of the attacks and how it changed Canadian life, laws and liberties
Not just another Arab revolt

Syria: not just another Arab revolt

The Assad regime is down but not out. What happens next will have serious implications for Iran.

Is Libya another Iraq?

The West plunges into another brutal Mideast conflict. How long will we have to stay this time?
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How much did he know?

A British inquiry into Iraq threatens Tony Blair’s reputation
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Saddam is back - on TV, at least

A channel celebrating the former dictator debuted on Nov. 28
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In Iraq, new challenges for women

Survivors of the war are now struggling to feed their families
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Newsmakers of the week

Stampede slams, Meghan McCain’s biopic, and Saddam Hussein’s WMD confession