Gulf Crossing

Donald Crowhurst’s disastrous race around the globe and the heartbreak he left behind

In 1969, Donald Crowhurst fooled the world into believing he was completing the fastest non-stop solo circumnavigation of the globe. Then his boat was found, empty and adrift in the Atlantic.

What it feels like to crew a tall ship

Come aboard the historic schooner Kajama and join the crew of a tall ship on Lake Ontario. These modern-day sailors know how to keep Kajama shipshape and can even sing a rousing sea shanty.
Maximum ride

Radical boat choices under fire at America’s Cup

Larry Ellison built the fastest ship ever, but is Team Oracle at risk?

Nova Scotia entrepreneur turns old sails into trendy messenger bags

The ’upcycling’ effort has diverted 225,000 kg of old sail cloth from the landfill
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A real-life Captain Bligh

Eighty-four days spent adrift with a shadowy skipper: the story of a long, very strange trip
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Why are some teenagers risking their lives to sail around the world?

The latest—and youngest—teenager to try to sail around the globe alone hit 30-foot waves. Why did she do it?
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Realer than you

Andrew Potter: How did authenticity become the hot new status symbol?