salary disclosure

How Alberta’s public sector salary disclosure could backfire

Knowing what everyone else in the public sector is earning is invaluable when bargaining for pay increases and starting salaries


Rathgeber backstab: Whodunit?

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Colleges presidents salaries up, too

Since 1997, some college leaders have enjoyed bigger raises than their university peers


The exception to the rule

Lakehead president makes less money than predecessor did a decade ago


Patry to earn president’s salary after stepping down

Outgoing president becomes professor — but at presidential salary; receives same supplementary pension plan as vice-presidents


Compared to universities, college heads are poor cousins in salary sweepstakes

Ontario salary disclosure shows lower salaries at colleges; presidents and profs less well-paid than their university peers


Who is Ontario’s best paid professor?

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Which uni presidents make more than Bush?

Compared to Bush, uni presidents make a mint. But compared to CEOs, they’re a bargain


Update: Maybe David Naylor is a (relative) bargain

U of T says president’s house is included in compensation. That means the head of the largest university in Canada is paid less than several of his colleagues


Who is Canada’s most highly paid academic?

Surprise: Ontario’s salary leader isn’t a university president.