Sarah Ferguson


The royal nightmare that is Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

Buckingham Palace denies any criminal link between the Prince and Epstein, but the pictures have already done him damage

Newsmakers of the week

Wendy Davis faces an uphill battle in Texas, while Drake aims for a slam dunk in Toronto
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Act two for Prince Andrew and Fergie?

Patricia Treble on a swirl of royal speculation
On the outside looking in

Fergie on the outside looking in

Sarah Ferguson’s cash grab cost her an invite to the wedding. Still, she serves a higher purpose.


Snooki’s literary side, John Edwards’s latest classy move, and Sarah Ferguson tries to find herself in Canada’s North
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The call of the aisle

Will and Kate will likely follow in family footsteps, wherever they choose to tie the knot
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In defence of (the possibly drunk) Fergie

Having been seen on worldwide TV scooping up an alleged $40,000, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife has found herself in muck
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A Quebec Queen Victoria: C.R.A.Z.Y.

What happens when an indépendantiste is asked to direct a story about British royalty?