Canada Savings Bonds. (Shutterstock)

An ode to the Canada Savings Bond

The Canada Savings Bond will soon be gone. Just how rich was the CSB in its heyday?

Investors create a budget wish list

There hasn’t been much to wow investors in recent budgets. Here are a few appealing ideas.
Spending your life savings

Spending your life savings

After finally reaching retirement, a critical question: what do you do with your money once you get there?
What’s the use of saving

What’s the use of saving money?

How years of ultra-low interest rates have punished savers, rewarded spenders, and now might be smothering any hopes of recovery
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How to get groceries for (almost) free

Coupon clipping is time-consuming, but the savings deliver ’an exhilarating high’
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A savings safety net

Doubling Canada Pension Plan benefits would provide all Canadians with a safe retirement, but it’s a risky plan that is set to spark a major political battle
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Awash in a sea of debt

Oblivious to the risks, Canadians are piling on record debt loads
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Downsized dreams

Retirement plans are being dashed by a new economic reality
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The new normal: Call it frugality if you like. We call it sanity.