(Courtesy of Jillian Horton)

Getting through the pandemic one Archie comic at a time

Jillian Horton: Every night at bedtime my son and I read Archie. Amid the brutal COVID disruptions, I feel viscerally what he is drawn to: the containment of it all.
Getting tested at a COVID care centre in Kanata, Ont., on Sept. 16 involved a six-hour wait (Shannon Proudfoot)

My day-long disastrous ordeal of trying to get a COVID test in Ontario

Shannon Proudfoot: Line-ups start at the crack of dawn. Wait times stretch for days. As schools reopen and demand soars, prepare for a new kind of lockdown purgatory.
Melanie and Carter (Courtesy of Melanie Williams)

What the pandemic taught me about my son’s loneliness

Melanie Williams’s son was born with Down syndrome. Isolation and social distancing are experiences he faces in his everyday life.
Artwork done by Thridev during the pandemic.

‘If we had to go back to school I’d be furious’: Kids on pandemic life

Kids on fighting boredom, too much screen time, and what’s actually better about life in these times
Mey and her students (Photograph by Jimmy Jeong)

A glimpse at what school might look like next fall for Canadian students

Half-capacity classrooms, hand-washing stations, sparse playgrounds. B.C’s resumption of classes has given the rest of the country a chance to see how schools may function in the age of COVID-19.
A student Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. has her hands sanitized, as schools outside the greater Montreal region begin to reopen their doors. (Christinne Muschi/Reuters)

Quebec, where the kids must learn as they go

Image of the Week: The province’s decision to resume elementary classes is an unintentional experiment in child psychology

Video: What does a university education cost in Canada?

To nobody’s surprise, university is no cheap feat. But how much does an education really cost? With the price of rent, groceries and the occasional drink, school fees are only a fraction of the overall price tag, particularly for those who move away from home.
A still life of food. (Photograph by Liam Mogan)

Why Canada needs a national school food program

Why, in a rich country like Canada, will so many children be sitting in their new classrooms feeling hungry this week?
2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Back-to-school request: Teach the kids to code

It’s one of the key languages we use to communicate. Yet, most of us are illiterate.
Stilettos in the schoolyard

Stilettos in the schoolyard

Fabulous moms get a frosty reception on the first day of school