Scotiabank Giller Prize

Sean Michaels Giller CAROUSEL

Q&A: Giller Prize-winner Sean Michaels

’It’s stories we’re telling ourselves. They may be made up or they may be true, but the best fictions often feel true.’

David Bezmozgis: When novel and real time clash

Giller Prize nominee David Bezmozgis’s taut political story is set in modern Crimea

Frances Itani: Tracing the aftershocks

The Great War still dominates the peacetime lives of characters from the earlier novel of Giller nominee Frances Itani

Sean Michaels: When the story is stranger than fiction

The winner of the 2014 Giller Prize expounds on the thin line between fact and fiction, and the value of the digital world
Padma Viswanathan

Padma Viswanathan: Shadowed by a bombing

The Giller prize-nominated author writes on the protagonist of her latest novel who seemed to demand she delve into the 1985 Air India bombing
Heather O’Neill. Photograph by Roger Lemoyne

Heather O’Neill: Addicted to the drug of books

The Giller prize-nominated author describes growing up an unrestrained bookworm in a lower-class, motherless home
Miriam Toews, outside her Toronto home. Photograph by Jaime Hogge

Miriam Toews: Nudging along a difficult conversation

The award-winning author is pleased Canadians are talking, but she is nudging the conversation along.
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Excerpt from Going Home Again, by Dennis Bock

From the Giller-nominated novel
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An excerpt from Hellgoing, by Lynn Coady

From the Giller-nominated collection of short stories

Dennis Bock on writing stories and the search for fundamental truth

The Giller-nominated author on the writing process