Scott Feschuk


The best of Scott Feschuk

As a tribute to Feschuk’s 12 years of keeping Canadians laughing, we’ve assembled some of his best columns from over the years.
President Trump Addresses The Nation On Strategy In Afghanistan And South Asia From Fort Myer In Arlington

What ’Teleprompter Trump’ really meant to say was...

Scott Feschuk reads between the lines of Trump’s Afghanistan address, and finds the robot from ’Lost in Space’ is a more natural orator

Snow shovelling is a classic Canadian ritual. Here’s how not to do it.

Scott Feschuk lived through Ottawa’s largest one-day snowfall in a century. Here’s what he learned.

CNN’s Breaking News: You heard it here, folks. VOTERS VOTED!

Everything you need to know about the Iowa vote

How 2015’s Newsmakers would make a PB&J sandwich

From Adele to Donald Trump, here are our newsmakers’ unique recipes for their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Feschuk: We have nothing to fear but spiders

And bacon. And deadly frozen viruses. Okay, so we have lots to fear. Scott Feschuk’s latest edition of ’What’s Killing Us Now?’

Feschuk: The Stephen Harper fear index

An A-Z guide of everything the PM tells us to be petrified of

Start your vengeance! How to prep for the Maclean’s debate

The leaders are training hard for the Maclean’s debate (Some might even be doing Face Pilates.) Scott Feschuk breaks down the strategies
Feschuk MAC16. (Photo illustration by Sarah MacKinnon and Richard Redditt)

Which Americans does Hillary Clinton love most?

Ask not if Hillary Clinton loves America, but which of its citizens she loves most
Photo Illustration by Sarah MacKinnon and Richard Redditt

Junk DNA: How much of our genetic material pulls its weight?

Science can’t decide if our genes have more or less value than the Baldwin brothers