Scott Speedman


Edwin Boyd, Canada’s notorious bank robber, makes the big screen at last

The real life anti-hero of ‘Citizen Gangster’ was no Clyde Barrow—just a failed actor

The real festival stars

The real festival stars

Now that the circus act has left Toronto, our critic picks the films that are bound for glory

Shooting stars at TIFF

You only have one minute to take a photograph during shoots

Getting too close to Neil Young

‘Neil Young Journeys’ is perversely raw and lazy

Opening Weekend: Midnight in Paris, X-Men, Good Neighbours

Woody’s Paris revue and the Marvel prequel are both crowd-pleasers—rich with over-qualified actors


Atom’s Adoration

Exclusive video from Cannes of Atom Egoyan and his ‘Adoration’ stars—Scott Speedman, Rachel Blanchard, Devon Bostick

Star Trek Adoration

J. J. Abrams and Atom Egoyan beam up alien worlds from far-flung ends of the cinematic universe