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The F-35 on trial

The NDP will convene two public roundtables this morning on the Hill to hear what Winslow Wheeler, Philippe Lagasse, Alan Williams and Scott Taylor have to say about the F-35. Official parliamentary hearings on the matter were closed in May.


Noble fight or lost cause?

What to do in Afghanistan was the subject of a Maclean’s panel debate last week in Halifax, broadcast live by CPAC.


Afghanistan: Noble fight or lost cause?

The debate over what needs to be done, and whether the war is even worth fighting


“Everyone can claim a lot of things” — Scott Taylor on the abduction – and release – of CBC reporter Mellissa Fung

Read the original interview with Esprit de Corps publisher, independent military analyst-at-large and all-round action figure Scott Taylor here, and then check out the followup posts from Chris Selley and Aaron Wherry, in which they attempt to reconcile the Prime Minister’s claim that “no ransom was paid” with Mellissa Fung’s own account of how and why she was released.


No ransom. No “prisoner” exchange. But…

I spoke with Scott Taylor yesterday on the subject of kidnappings—he’s something of an expert on that—and his take on the various ethical implications of Mellissa Fung’s capture and release. You’ll find the ensuing Q&A here.

no-image Interview: Scott Taylor

The veteran war reporter on the many questions raised by Mellissa Fung’s kidnapping


Megapundit Exclusive: Missing the point of the Kandahar prison break

Scott Taylor—publisher of Esprit de Corps, weekly columnist for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald and a regular Megapundit must-read—has just returned from his third undembedded tour of Afghanistan. He weighs in on the coverage of Friday’s brazen jailbreak in Kandahar: