Stompin’ Tom: Our national poet

Michael Barclay on the musician who was ‘more punk rock’ than most punk rockers

Kenny Hotz has a new job and he doesn’t care if he gets fired

A chat about his new radio show and, of course, Spenny


SCTV in Edmonton: notes toward an FAQ

There’s a movement—it’s a clever piece of magazine marketing, actually, but we’ll call it a movement—to build some sort of local monument in Edmonton to the SCTV television series, which was produced here from 1980 to early 1982. Why would Edmonton build a monument to SCTV?

Goin’ down the road, again

Goin’ down the road, again

After four decades, a sequel to a Canadian classic serves as a resonant requiem


Newsmakers: Sept. 22-29

Miley gets political, the Pope gets stung and Julian Assange gets an autobiography he doesn’t want


Friendly Downtown, Ain’t It?

Sorry for the lack of posts. For a filler clip, here’s some semi-Canadian content, as well as something that was quite literally a filler episode of SCTV. Three Toronto Second City members who were not members of SCTV — Steven Kampmann, Peter Torokvei and Martin Short — took an old episode of “The Cisco Kid” and re-dubbed it with silly voices and dialogue (much of it implying weird sexual tension of various kinds). The tape became a calling card for the three performers, getting Kampmann and Torokvei hired as Hollywood writers, while Short eventually joined the cast of SCTV when they had another round of cast departures.