self-driving cars

Woman using phone while sitting in the driver's seat of self-driving cars

Everything you need to know about the future of self-driving cars

In the near future, we’ll be sharing the streets with driverless vehicles. Here’s what to expect when self-driving cars hit the road.
Missile Maker Adapts Guidance Systems for Self-Driving Cars

Why we must now grapple with the distant future of driverless cars

Our editorial: A world with driverless cars may be far-off. But we need to consider it today, so we can better navigate our present
New Autopilot features are demonstrated in a Tesla Model S during a Tesla event in Palo Alto, California

Why Canadians are wary of self-driving cars

The idea makes us feel anxious and powerless, survey suggests, but our kids are going to love them
(Photo illustration by Sarah MacKinnon and Richard Redditt)

These cars drive themselves! (Minus the ’drive themselves’ bit.)

Scott Feschuk is bemused about the future of driving: So we get all the responsibility of driving, and none of the fun?