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Senate 20130522

Today’s headlines: The Senate expense scandal survives the BBQ circuit

September arrives and questions just won’t disappear
Mike Duffy

Contradictions emerge in the Wright-Duffy affair

A pair of Conservative senators allegedly tried to convince Mike Duffy to take a bailout
Senate 20130522

When an Ottawa philanthropist was drawn into the Senate scandal

Brian Karam provided a loan to beleaguered Senator Mac Harb
Mike Duffy

On the trail of the ‘Duffinator’

Mike Duffy’s record shows why he was so valuable to the Conservatives, though not as a senator
Last chance to lead

Stephen Harper’s last chance to lead

After Senate scandals and a backbench revolt, Harper loyalists are looking for an agenda from the prime minister
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Dear Senate, sign here and don’t worry

Is it any wonder Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin are in trouble? Just look at the paperwork.
Mike Duffy

Why the Senate must be scrapped, part II

Maclean’s editorial: ’These are grim times for our political leaders’
David Johnston

Why the Senate should be abolished

In the face of patronage, scandal and futility, getting rid of the Senate is a better option than doing nothing at all
‘Contempt for the whole institution’

Canada’s Senate: Chamber of disrepute

After months of scandals, could it finally be time to scrap the Senate? John Geddes reports