Travel expenses: 70 per cent of senators take a hint

An interactive breakdown of the Senate’s travel spending

The Commons: Just laugh it off

The sooner we begin quietly accepting the government’s decisions, the easier it will be for everyone


Today’s constitutional crisis

Conservatives senators called a snap vote last night and defeated Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, that was passed by the House in May. This will no doubt outrage the Prime Minister, Mr. Harper and his government having periodically lamented the tyranny an unelected Senate can impose.


You’ve got mail

The government that wants—on “principle”—to end the vote subsidy for political parties, finds a new way to use public funds for partisan purposes.


The red shift

Liberal senator Grant Mitchell contemplates the potential possibilities and pitfalls of senate reform.


How they do it

If senate reform is, as has been hinted, to be prominent in the government’s fall agenda, it is perhaps worth seriously considering what it is we want the senate to be. And on that note, here is an extensive look at the U.S. Senate, penned by the New Yorker’s George Packer after a few months of observation.


What happened to you guys? You used to be cool

Two of Stephen Harper’s senators are now openly quibbling with the idea of a fully elected Senate—another three apparently reluctant to say where they stand.


‘I am pleased to have this opportunity to respond’

A few weeks ago, Liberal Senator James Cowan wrote the Justice Minister requesting a correcting of the record. A few days ago, the Justice Minister wrote back and Rob Nicholson’s office has kindly passed along that reply.


Unelected senators, to save democracy

Senator Elaine McCoy makes the case for a reformed, but still appointed, Senate.


‘I look forward to your clarification of these issues for Canadians’

Senator James Cowan cordially partakes of the ancient art of open-letter writing.


From the magazine

Something like 750 words on the last of the Progressive Conservatives on Parliament Hill.


Idea alert

Michael Ignatieff proposes senate reform.