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How ’emancipatory sex-ed’ can help prevent rape

It doesn’t fix the underlying problem of rape culture, but a made-in-Canada program is getting good results when it comes to reducing gender-based violence
Liz Sandals

Liz Sandals defends her government’s new sex-ed curriculum

Today’s Parent put reader questions to Ontario’s minister of education.
We need to get into bed with modern sex ed

Why we need to get in bed with modern sex ed

Emma Teitel on the misconceptions of progressive sex education
Birds, bees and poisonous rhetoric

Birds, bees and poisonous rhetoric on sex ed in Ontario

Sexual orientation isn’t a lifestyle. It’s a life sentence.
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Warning: parents might freak out

These first-person accounts of teen sex can be disquieting
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You’re teaching our kids WHAT?

From 2009: A decade ago, the buzzword in high school sex ed class was ’pleasure’—and not everyone was pleased

When your parent is your sex-ed teacher

Thanks to new Alberta legislation, parents can now veto any of the “sensitive” stuff

The new head of the class?

A controversial bill gives Alberta parents more of a say in school