Shawn Graham

Bring on the controversial convocation guests

On Judith Butler’s honourary degree from McGill


Eight more for the list

For those still scoring at home, the CEO of Alberta Health Services, Charlottetown City Council, the City of Greater Sudbury, Caledon town council, former chief statistician Sylvia Ostry, New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham, Spruce Grove City Council and the Planning Institute of British Columbia oppose the government’s changes to the census.


‘Destructive type of behaviour’

While Keith Ashfield dismisses concerns, Greg Thompson stands by his version of events and, in an interview with the CBC, explains how he brought his concerns to the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office. Meanwhile, the Premier of New Brunswick is displeased.

The league table

Canada’s politicians ranked by their approval ratings


Despite opposition, N.B. premier gets honorary degree

More than 100 faculty signed a letter of protest opposing the honour


Sitting down for change

You might be tempted to mock the Prime Minister for the obvious displeasure he shows in this photo.


First impressions

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham is reminiscent of a young Dalton McGuinty.


New Brunswick’s education error

Spending limited resources helps rich students as much as poor