Shepard Fairey


Political Eye Candy

The WaPo had two interesting pieces over the weekend analyzing the production of some of the… let’s call them “visual effects” of the presidential campaigns.

First, there was this piece about Vogue magazine photo shoots of two aspiring First Ladies. (It’s written by Robin Givhan who won a Pulitzer for her fashion writing and brought us this highly controversial analysis Hillary Clinton’s cleavage — a story I would have liked better if I thought that Clinton had actually shown cleavage, but I digress.) The Vogue photos apparently demonstrate that John McCain’s wife, Cindy, simply can’t relax. That’s kind of kind of endearing, at least to those of us who, uhh, can’t relax. Writes Givhan: “McCain appears to be working to shatter a public image of the pretty — but starched — accessory.” Frankly, she has had a pretty smooth ride so far. Remember those stories in the 2000 primary about how she took prescription pain killers from her medical own charity to feed an addiction? Imagine if that had been Michelle Obama. The same people who send out emails arguing that Obama is a Muslim would have her down as some kind of crack addict by now.