An Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate.

For smarter shipbuilding, Canada should look to Denmark

Opinion: Canada’s shipbuilding plan is ballooning in cost—as these projects often do in many countries. But a former Navy commander says there is another way
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The PBO and the ships

More questions about another procurement
A shipload of trouble

A shipload of trouble

Nova Scotia got billions to build warships, but an old immigration scandal has left Halifax with a sinking feeling
Minister overboard

Minister overboard

Keeping meddling politicians out of the shipbuilding contract decision worked. Is there a lesson here?
High stakes

How was Ottawa to choose who would build its ships?

Two contracts. Three provinces—each with a history of feeling slighted by the feds.

The Commons: There must be something here to disagree about

The opposition pounces on the "fairness" with which the government issued its shipbuilding contracts