sidewalk labs

Jim Balsillie has emerged from retirement with a mission to save Canada’s tech sector

He’s launched a battle against Sidewalk Labs, troubled at the prospect of the world’s largest data company having free reign over Toronto’s waterfront

Cracks in the Sidewalk

David Skok: What started as an innovation partnership built on data now seems like an old-fashioned land deal that puts taxpayers on the hook

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In his new book, Richard Sennett argues that cities—and societies—grow by dealing with change, not resisting it

Someone cowers from their tablet smart home device.

Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ is already in millions of homes. Her name is Alexa.

Smart homes and intelligent bots that cater to our whims may be convenient, but is it really worth being under surveillance all the time?

Google’s Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto is already creating jobs—in New York

Sidewalk Labs recently posted several jobs. The catch: they’re not for Canadians—at least not those who want to remain in the country.