Working the comeback trail

Guergis works the comeback trail

The former cabinet minister is fighting for her political life against the full might of the Tory electoral machine


She just wants to talk

Helena Guergis is publicly asking for a little chat with the Prime Minister. In the meantime, she seems fairly satisfied with the independence that has been thrust upon her.


Tonight in Guergis

The member for Simcoe-Grey writes an open letter. The last paragraph might be the most interesting part.


The wronged MP for Simcoe-Grey

Helena Guergis asks the Conservative Party to explain precisely what she has done to deserve her excommunication.


The independent MP for Simcoe-Grey

In late breaking news this evening, CTV reports the Conservative party has officially dropped Helena Guergis as its candidate for Simcoe-Grey.


The latest in Guergis

Conservatives in Simcoe-Grey are concerned the party is attempting to bigfoot them. One potential replacement candidate says she’s not a candidate. Meanwhile, two cabinet ministers are politely refusing to appear before the government operations committee to discuss their knowledge of Mr. Jaffer’s behaviour.