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Technology blurs the line between white- and blue-collar work

IN A MODERN AUTO PLANT, robots are everywhere. People? Not as much. Even if thousands are employed there, they may be hard to spot on the assembly line. “You walk through and you say, ‘Where are they? They’re not putting the cars together. They must be somewhere else,’ ” says David Santi, dean of the Marshall School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship at Ontario’s Mohawk College.

Two women working in a workshop

These Careers Pay Solid Salaries, Even While You’re Training

Looking for high paying jobs in Ontario? Some skilled trades careers have starting salaries of more than $70,000!

Two people working in a textile workshop

Why We Need More Women in These Particular Careers Than Ever Before

There aren’t enough skilled workers in Canada but attracting more women to these jobs will go a long way. Here’s why the gender gap exists, and how to fix it.

A man and woman in the skilled trades

10 Reasons You Should Absolutely Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

From high salaries to job security, here’s why job seekers should be looking to the skilled trades for work.

The tricks—and the stigma—of the trades

Long derided as a path for students who aren’t ‘book smart,’ the trades are more technical, complex and rewarding than ever

The dirty jobs

Some of the most in-demand, best-paying jobs require plenty of hands-on attention

The future of jobs in Canada

Skills mismatch may mean 1.5 million vacancies by 2016


U.S. workers: Need job, can’t travel to Alberta

Washington wants Ottawa to make it easier for U.S. workers to fill vacancies there


Bachelor’s degree still worth it

Report finds that overall financial returns for university and college are equal


What to do after high school?

In the skilled trades, bullies and drug dealers can make more money than the university-bound