Sochi 2014

What it feels like to drive a bobsleigh like Olympic champion Kaillie Humphries

Canadian Olympic bobsleigh champ Kaillie Humphries takes you down Sochi’s icy bobsleigh track at warp speed.

Justine Dufour-Lapointe’s mogul empire

The youngest of three superstar sisters on the moguls in Sochi, Dufour-Lapointe came out on top

Curling will never be ruined

Why one sport will forever be immune to the ugliness of modern athletics

Changing the way we watch women’s hockey

Is there any way to keep fuelling the fandom post-Sochi?

Hockey night in Stittsville

Everything sounds like a cliché after you win. It does after you lose, too, my son’s team learned.

One game, one more gold in 50 tweets


‘Only in Canada’

Canadians wake up up at 5 a.m., clear snow off car and go to a bar—or church—for hockey


Canada-3 bobsled team crashes

Four-man bobsled team wipes out during the second heat

Built for this golden moment

Will this team add its name to the country’s illustrious hockey history?

Sarah’s ashes

The memory of Canada’s late ski-pipe star, Sarah Burke, lives on in Sochi

Early elimination in snowboard slalom

A quiet day for Canadians in the mountains, but bobsled is yet to come

Sochi Day 15: Five things to watch

Alpine skiing, four-man bobsled… Denny Morrison goes for medal no. 3