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Lewis is the first-ever woman of colour to be seeking the Conservative leadership (Photograph by Dimitri Aspinall)

‘I don’t hide who I am’: Leslyn Lewis’s pitch to conservative voters

She’s the first-ever woman of colour vying to lead the Tories and her platform emphasizes fairness within the Conservative Party, a pushback against political correctness and a repeal of Liberal policies
Jason Kenney

6 things we’ve learned about Jason Kenney and the Alberta UCP

The events of the campaign revealed Kenney’s wonkish side while making it clear that investigations would dog a UCP government from Day One

Sam Oosterhoff, boy politician, might just be for real

Ontario’s youngest-ever MPP is pious, bookish and increasingly cocky. He’s precisely the sort of disruptor angry conservatives crave.

Stockwell Day, so-con icon, bows out

From the outset, Day’s religious streak bothered other conservatives, including his future boss
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Politics big-city elites, you say. Sound familiar at all?

It is clear that you can’t win in modern politics by having evidence or good ideas on your side

Notes for a column, never written

WELLS: Isn’t Harper-style conservatism increasingly isolated in the world?
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Harper’s hard right turn

Social conservatism is on the rise in Ottawa, and across Canada