solar power

Photo essay: Capturing what captures the sun

Jamey Stillings’s stunning aerial images of solar power plants show the deep imprint of renewable energy on Earth’s geography

Will Tesla’s home battery really bring power to the people?

Tesla’s Powerwall battery pack could help homes go off-grid. Just don’t toast bread and make coffee at the same time.

Canada’s rank among solar powers

Infographic: How this country stacks up to the world leaders in solar power production


The next green energy boom: roofs

Rooftop solar panels are making power, and big profits


10 ways to help save the planet

From fake trees to showering with friends—these ideas might even save you money


Uneven progress on renewable energy

The biggest story you probably didn’t pay much attention to this week was Ontario’s plan to let homeowners, farmers, companies—anybody really—sell renewable energy onto the provincial power grid. This development makes me wonder why the federal government isn’t getting behind the international push to carve out a much bigger place for renewables in the energy marketplace.


Is the recession good for the environment? (and why Margaret Wente is wrong)

Could an economic recession actually be good for climate change? Such a thought strikes fear into every moderate green’s heart, because if environmentalism is actually antithetical to the capitalist project, if it is incompatible with economic growth and our post-industrial, urbanized society, we might as well fry now and pay later. Reversing centuries of development, infrastructure, jobs, careers, education, the NHL and all the other twenty-first century essentials and luxuries is not going to happen any time soon.