Trudeau’s Saturday update on the coronavirus in Canada: Full transcript

The Prime Minister provides his daily briefing: Northwest Territories limits non-essential travel while work continues to bring Canadians home from Peru, Spain, Morocco and elsewhere
President Donald Trump Addresses National Federation of Independent Businesses 75th Anniversary Celebration

King Donald the Madman

Allen Abel in Washington: As the storm clouds close in on the White House, the U.S. president lashes out—at Canada, Mexico, Congress and immigrants

Spain and Catalonia, stumbling into crisis

Scott Gilmore in Barcelona: Spain has shown a near criminal lack of political dexterity in handling its Alberta-like separatists
Riot police face off with demonstrators outside a polling station for the banned independence referendum in Barcelona

If Spain wants to lose Catalonia, it will keep up its brutality

Opinion: Crackdowns, like Spain’s assault on Catalan referendum voters, often produce exactly the change governments don’t want

The high cost of crushing the Catalan independence vote

The spectacle of police smashing ballot boxes and firing on protesters has done deep damage to Spain’s credibility

Spain is suffering a mass exodus of youths

With unemployment still sky-high, this is the largest emigration since millions of people fled Franco’s dictatorship
The Order Of The Garter Service

Keeping up with the royals

A panoply of millinery excess, dress uniforms and velvet robes
King Juan Carlos

Stéphane Dion on King Juan Carlos of Spain, a hero of democracy

The brave king who stood up to authoritarian rightwingers
(FILE)-Picture taken late 09 October 200

The danger of a Greek exit and why it matters to Canada

The eurozone crisis: an illustrated guide to the biggest threat to the Canadian economy
The matadors return

Spain’s matadors return

After being banned from public television in 2006, bullfighting returns to Spanish TV primetime