How you do you say Princess Eugenie’s name? (Hint, it’s not you-GEE-knee)

’Whatever,’ the princess has said. ’I am now used to every pronunciation.’

The wonder of speech, according to a top neurolinguist

Andrea Moro’s commentary, combined with wonder and whimsy
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Queen to Justin Trudeau: ’Thank you for making me feel so old’

A tart response to a laudatory toast by the PM
A mouth demonstrates the vowel shift. (Photograph by Dillan Cools)

Sah-ry, eh? We’re in the midst of the Canadian Vowel Shift

The old vowels are ’oot’: Canadians are changing how we speak, though none of us are noticing. Linguists might know why.

Prince Charles’ speech to mummy

And a rather large shout-out to dad from Buckingham Palace
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What students can learn from Snooki

Maybe that $32,000 Rutgers bill wasn’t a (complete) waste of money

The king’s (totally crazy) speech: selections from Gadhafi’s address

’Moammar Gadhafi is not a normal person that you can poison or lead a revolution against’

Queen’s Remembrance Day soapbox

Why pay tribute to war veterans when you can make divisive political statements instead?