How Flygreen Optimizes Travel for Peak Performance in Sports

Travel hacks for athletes to arrive competition-ready
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Sarah-Ève Pelletier is confronting the ugly underbelly of Canadian athletics

“Certain issues seem to repeat in these sports organizations over time. Now we’re asking, ‘How are these things still happening when it’s not even the same people who are involved?’”
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The Power List: Scottie Barnes is the Raptors’ budding superstar

“It’s crazy when you interview a guy and he mentions ‘winning’ 34 times”

The Power List: Top 10 Sports Stars

The players and personalities putting Canada in the big leagues
Power List

The Power List 2023

Ranking the 100 Canadians Shaping the Country in 2023

The Harder They Fall: Inside Canada’s gymnastics abuse scandal

Dave and Elizabeth Brubaker became top Canadian gymnastics coaches by pushing young girls to their limit. Their former athletes say the tough training was a cover for abuse.

The rise of Félix Auger-Aliassime

The Montreal dynamo grew up fantasizing about being one of the best tennis players on earth. Now, he’s cracked the top-10. The hard part? Staying on top.
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Q&A: Ken Dryden on the Summit Series 50 years later

16 million out of 22 million Canadians tuned in for the final game in the legendary battle between Canada and the USSR
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Is Shaedon Sharpe the NBA’s next Canadian star?

Sharpe became one of the most sought-after prospects and a projected top-10 pick in this week’s NBA draft—without playing a minute of college basketball

Ontario’s online betting boom makes it hard to be a recovered gambling addict

When Ontario legalized online single-game sports betting—followed by the flood of ads promoting gambling—it put the recovery of countless recovered addicts like me to the test