St. Francis Xavier


How to look at the severed forearm of a saint

As St. Francis Xavier’s arm tours Canada this month, an expert talks about the long tradition of gazing at relics

One night at St. Francis Xavier, Canada’s top party school

At Canada’s top party school, the good times aren’t about drinking; they’re about a strong community
Students congregate at the scenic library entrance

Campus life at St. Francis Xavier University

A photographic tour of the campus in Antigonish, N.S.
Rural Alberta Advantage

Can’t miss campus shows (Oct. 24th to 30th)

Dan Mangan, Rural Alberta Advantage, Poor Young Things...
Stefan Chiasson, fourth-year Business

Preppy boys and laid-back girls in Antigonish

Fall fashion photos from St. Francis Xavier
Nipissing University Fans

That’s the spirit

Canadian schools have crazy fans and community too
Missing image

Many more students, less funding

Ignatieff doesn’t support a per-student funding model
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And another university prez without a Ph.D.

Alexa McDonough, new president at Mount Saint Vincent, is latest non-academic to head an academic institution