COVID-19 in Canada: How our battle to stop the pandemic is going

The latest numbers from across country showing where the virus is, how quickly it’s spreading and how fast we’re rolling out vaccines

Dr. David Williams is called out—and Doug Ford doubles down on him

The chief medical officer of health takes the worst of a scathing auditor general’s report on the province’s pandemic response

A heat map of coronavirus cases in Canada

A snapshot of the latest COVID-19 cases across provinces, plus more maps and charts looking at the number of deaths and testing rates from coast to coast

Quebec’s coronavirus projections—a tough road ahead

The new numbers, including a worst-case death toll scenario, are sobering. But unlike Ontario, the province opted not to project beyond April 30.
This chart contained data as of March 15, 2020 and was assembled using data posted to the web by Health Canada, and an application that processes archived information. (Patricia Treble)

This coronavirus chart shows what Canada is up against in trying to ’flatten the curve’

Inexplicably, the federal government is not publishing national infection numbers in a way that allows us to see the much-discussed curve. So we’ve done it for them.
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