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Meet Dr. Steven Zeitels, the man who saved Adele’s voice

Dr. Steven Zeitels explains the rise in vocal surgeries, like the one he performed on Adele, and how they’re helping in the fight against cancer

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Why old people are suddenly watchable on TV

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Why does ‘American Idol’ hate women?

Why does ‘American Idol’ hate women?

Maybe it’s because, as Steven Tyler says, ‘Guys aren’t voting and girls are jealous’


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On how an old, weird-looking rock star saved American Idol


How the devil does business

As the content of the Supreme Court’s “responsible communication” ruling propagates, I am seeing and hearing a lot of despairing wails of “Oh, TMZ will just love this!” Well, I’m sure the folks at TMZ love it when someone complains about them—usually, one guesses, in between visits to the site. In a mere matter of months TMZ has managed to replace the poor old Enquirer as the go-to synecdoche for the irresistible evils of celebrity-stalking.

The man who outshone the band

Top 10 lead singers who ditched their bands

Steven Tyler says he’s staying with Aerosmith—maybe cause it didn’t turned out that well for other frontmen