PBOWatch: “He wants more information on infrastructure spending? Hasn’t he seen the ads for the website?”

As noted by Colleague Wherry earlier today, midway through the Toronto Star’s coverage of the all-but-buried-by-the-Coderre-Affair-and-don’t-think-for-a-second-that-was-a-coincidence plank walk by now former Conservative candidate Gordon Landon comes the not entirely astonishing news that the parliamentary budget officer is having some difficulty prying loose the numbers behind the government’s claim that some impressively large percentage of projects to be funded under the Canada Action! Plan are already underway:


Hey, look! The Parliamentary Budget Office is at it again!

This time, acting on a  request from Liberal industry critic Gerard Kennedy, they’ve asked Industry Canada for more information on the $4 billion auto sector aid package that the Prime Minister announced just before Christmas at a joint press conference with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.