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Killer co-workers?

Developing healthy relationships with your peers at work could save your life
exam stress

Student has heart attack during exam

Doctors blame exam anxiety, heart condition
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Yale offers dog therapy for stressed out law students

Pilot program lets students check out Monty the ’therapy dog’ for 30 minute sessions
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Fall reading weeks on the rise

Time off in November to help students relieve stress
Cars stopped in traffic

Stuck in traffic

Our rush hours rank with the world’s worst. Andrew Coyne has the solution.

Anti-studying: the more you read, the less you know

Everything seems unfamiliar and un-memorizable
stress, exams, christmas vacation, anxiety

Post exam anxiety? You’re not alone.

Christmas vacation isn’t a vacation yet.
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CBU students get wet

Students’ Union seeks to break Guinness record for largest water balloon fight.
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What to do when your course load gets too heavy...

Take a deep breath and keep things in perspective.
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Three years in, I’m starting to think the library isn’t how I want to learn about the world