student fees

The University Centre at the University of Guelph. (University of Guelph)

The fallout of optional fees for Ontario student groups

A new policy has students choosing which services to fund—and services seeing steep declines in funding
Students at the University of Guelph

Guelph asks: Should we collect CFS fees?

Student union, CFS want administrators to butt out
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Inch shouldn’t have to fund the student union

Ottawa student lost bid to have student fee returned
Alexia Gezink, Kayley Marsh, Kirsten Goeckel and Dan Legault tend to the rooftop vegetable garden

Student fees support some amazing things

The real problem is rising tuition, say student leaders
Ryerson Graphics Communication Managments students at the Ryerson Students’ Unions annual orientation parade (Jessica Darmanin)

Student fees? I want my $560 back.

If we wanted these groups, we’d fund them voluntarily.
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Carleton rejects Access Copyright license agreement

Latest school to turn down agreement that would raise student fees
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Ottawa student federation sued over fees

Student doesn’t want his money funding political causes
campus pub by fabbio

Selling beer to students shouldn’t be hard

But when campus pubs lose money, shut ’em down
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Students continue to occupy McGill building

Protesters want radio station and QPIRG fees reinstated
#4. (Primarily Undergraduate) The University of Prince Edward Island

Student union still won’t publish its budget

Students currently need to meet with the VP Finance to see details