Are we seeing a craft brewery bubble, or just a frothy boom?

The number of craft breweries in Canada has exploded over the past few years, driven in part by government subsidies. Is this a beer bubble about to burst?
Leland Irving

One really stupid thing government spent money on

The Abbotsford Heat hockey team leaves town, and foists a massive bill on taxpayers

99 stupid things the government did with your money: Part I

Blue Bombers season tickets, caviar and Black Eyed Peas
horse track rotator

And it’s Rent-Seeking by a nose

Slot machine revenues are subsidizing Ontario racetracks

Gamers need hugs

Why the gaming industry’s persecution complex is hurting it

In praise of video game subsidies

Peter Nowak on why Canada has shown rare foresight by supporting the industry
Kill the subsidy, but kill them all

Kill the subsidy, but kill them all

Andrew Coyne on how political parties should be funded


Taxpayers pay to produce Horse-Canada so that the people who do read Horse-Canada don’t have to? Sigh.

Hard right? Hardly

Paul Wells says social conservatism is on the rise; Andrew Coyne disagrees
Missing image

Unnecessary at any speed

The dream never dies, writes Andrew Coyne, because those pushing high-speed rail are impervious to reality