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Michelle O’Bonsawin: "I’m not a token Indigenous judge"

Canada’s first Indigenous Supreme Court justice isn’t the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She just wants to be herself.
Justice Rosalie Abella. (Photograph by Jennifer Roberts; Hair and make-up by GianLuca Orienti/Judy Inc.)

Rosie Abella said she’d answer questions when she turned 75

Rosie Abella is 75 (almost). She was appointed at 29, the youngest judge in Canadian history and leaves the Supreme Court as its longest-serving current member. A one-of-a-kind interview by Paul Wells.
Lise Theriault, Philippe Couillard

Should Quebec start its own long-gun registry?

It might make good politics, but it won’t make the province a whole lot safer
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Bilingual judges: someone is sure missing the point

ANDREW COYNE: What is good enough for Parliament would no longer be good enough for the Supreme Court