Supreme Court of Canada

Jérémy Gabriel (left) and Mike Ward (Courtesy of Marie-Josée Boisvert; Courtesy of Michel Grenier/Bang Management Inc.)

The joke that went to the Supreme Court

Comedian Mike Ward mocked a disabled boy. Nine years after the boy’s family filed a complaint, the case tests the rights of artistic expression versus discrimination.

The glaring omission on the Supreme Court

Heidi Matthews: If we’re going to take reconciliation seriously, Canadian law needs to change, and it needs to start at the top

The Supreme Court has just gutted the Crown’s duty to consult First Nations

Opinion: The newly released Mikisew decision creates easy backdoor for governments to once again run roughshod over Indigenous rights

Why Canada’s Supreme Court appointments are nothing like America’s circus

Opinion: By and large, we’re lucky that the forces that produced America’s deeply partisan Supreme Court appointment process don’t really exist anywhere else

Beverley McLachlin: From Supreme Court chief justice to thriller writer

In ‘Full Disclosure,’ McLachlin’s first novel, the female main character finds herself caught in moral and personal dilemmas, some mined from the former judge’s career

Why the Supreme Court didn’t ‘free the beer’

The ruling disappointed cheap-beer lovers but it turns on some subtle technical points that could have broader ramifications, explains constitutional law expert Carissima Mathen

In its ‘free-the-beer’ ruling, the Supreme Court reveals its contradictions

Opinion: The Supreme Court—neutered by politics—delivers a craven, logically inconsistent decision on Gerard Comeau’s cross-border alcohol fight

How I went from Supreme Court chief justice to ‘Citizen McLachlin’

After 36 years of making important choices, Beverley McLachlin is now making mundane ones again—part of the wonders and challenges of retirement

Richard Wagner is the right choice to be Supreme Court chief justice

Opinion: Emmett Macfarlane on the Quebec jurist who will succeed Beverley McLachlin, and the challenges ahead for the court he will lead

Conservatives say ‘Free the beer’ but not the milk

The federal party’s interprovincial trade critic urges a ‘nuanced approach’ as the Supreme Court hears a key case on economic barriers within Canada

Indigenous lawyers upset over Trudeau’s Supreme Court pick

Trudeau appointed Sheilah Martin—and not an Indigenous jurist—to the top court. Some see it as a missed opportunity.

The big shifts about to hit the Supreme Court of Canada

Evan Solomon talks to legal expert Vanessa MacDonnell about how a new judge and new Chief Justice will change the country’s high court