Supreme Court

William George

The de facto veto on building pipelines in Canada

Peter Shawn Taylor: The courts say there is no Indigenous ’veto’ over resource projects, but on Trans Mountain it has effectively happened
Activists And Politicians Rally In NYC Against New Supreme Court Justice Nominee

America’s Supreme Court circus is in session

Allen Abel in Washington: As if trade wars, the Russians and North Korea were not enough to juggle, a torn America begins another battle
SCOC Oratory 20180329

The ’free the beer’ ruling and the Supreme Court’s record of putting the brakes on change

On stock market regulation, Senate reform, even appointments to its own bench, the top court has disappointed those unhappy with the status quo
Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin takes part in a ceremony at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa

Beverley McLachlin’s final minutes at the Supreme Court

The chief justice who redefined the job and left a lasting mark on Canada departs with a few parting words and much praise

Hundreds of suspected criminals could be about to go free

A Supreme Court ruling is a ‘wake-up call’ for the justice system at a time when cases have never been more complicated and resources stretched so thin
Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch, Louise Gorsuch

Donald Trump versus the courts

The president is waging an ill-conceived and dangerous war against the judicial branch
Court Elections 20121210

Legal eagles: A roundtable about the Supreme Court appointment process

Four political scientists examine the government’s new Supreme Court appointment process from all angles, finding both upside and downsides
Elexn SCOC 20120710

How a new appointment process ushers in Supreme Court transparency

The government’s Supreme Court appointments policy improves what has typically been an opaque process—but it’s not perfect.
Antonin Scalia

Scalia’s death looms over US election

A battle is brewing over the nation’s top court
Antonin Scalia

Could Scalia’s death change the course of the U.S. election?

When it comes to choosing a new Supreme Court judge, the Republicans might not like any of the choices