Supreme Court


How conservative is new Supreme Court judge Russell Brown?

He’s a libertarian, perhaps, but the newest member of the Supreme Court of Canada is no Antonin Scalia
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On assisted suicide, the Supreme Court confronts Parliament’s cowardice

The Court has done its job. Now it is up to legislators.
A statue entitled ‘Justice’ in front the Supreme Court of Canada is framed with the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Is the Supreme Court review process dead? Was it ever really alive?

The Prime Minister appoints a justice without parliamentary review
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A tough day at the Supreme Court for supporters of a ban on assisted suicide

What do yesterday’s hearings suggest about a ruling?
Lee Carter, Gloria Taylor

What you need to know about the Supreme Court assisted-suicide case

We answer the questions around the big question as our highest court prepares to hear one of its most important cases
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The Supreme Court confronts assisted suicide, again

From the archives: Why is the court taking a second look? And where’s Parliament?

Infographic: The rapidly changing face of same-sex marriage in the U.S.

A decade ago, same-sex marriage was legal in one state. Soon it will be 30.
Peter MacKay

The Supreme Court follies

At least this fussing over legalities is good for a laugh
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Canada’s new prostitution law is a tough sell

Sex workers may not like it, but legal experts say Bill C-36 may well survive the inevitable court challenge