Supreme Court

Elexn SCOC 20120710

Whither parliamentary consultation on Supreme Court nominees?

The Justice Minister is worried about leaks
Night photo of front facade of the Supreme Court

Is the proposed prostitution law constitutional?

Could we get an opinion from the justice department?
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The QP Clip: Peter MacKay teases top court consultations

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period
Elexn SCOC 20120710

A constitutional amendment to appoint Nadon?

The government’s at least not ruling it out

You think it’s easy to make Supreme Court appointments?

New revelations and lingering questions about the Nadon appointment
Donald Sterling

5 at 5: Clippers owner Donald Sterling relents

Also: Harper must appoint another Supreme Court judge and the latest from the Thai coup
Stephen Harper

The McLachlin-Harper tiff as a flaming bag of dog poop

The spat between Stephen Harper and the Chief Justice fades away, even amid cries about its gravity

Irwin Cotler on the Supreme Court

And the Harper government’s relationship with the court