Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Canada nominee Justice Nadon arrives to testify with Justice Minister MacKay on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The unappointment of Marc Nadon as slapstick

The government laughs off questions about the attempted appointment of Marc Nadon as the controversy over the Supreme Court continues
Stephen Harper

Disorder in the court

The public rift between Harper and McLachlin hints at a promising new Tory campaign strategy
House of Commons 20130327

The Justice Minister suggests the Chief Justice started it

One shouldn’t respond to anonymous Conservatives apparently
Stephen Harper

The Harper government and the Supreme Court: the debate continues

All sorts of questions that might be answered
Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper, Beverley McLachlin and an historic mess

Is the Prime Minister content to let the fire burn itself out?
Elexn SCOC 20120710

Did Beverley McLachlin do anything wrong? Did the Prime Minister?

The latest discussion around a remarkable back-and-forth