Supreme Court

A Ukrainian policeman walks past pro-Russian activists blocking the entrance to a television station in Donetsk

5 at 5: Ukraine’s military moves in

Also: Shawn Atleo steps down, more on Marc Nadon, Ontario votes in June, deadly mudslide in Afghanistan
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The Prime Minister’s Office vs. The Chief Justice

The Marc Nadon affair gets even messier still
Paul Wells

Stephen Harper abandons Senate reform. Again.

Wells: The PM had his answer to the Supreme Court ready six months before they ruled
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Did the Supreme Court just kill Senate reform?

Emmett Macfarlane on what today’s ruling means for the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals (and the country)

On ’politicizing’ the Marc Nadon mess

The failed Supreme Court appointment gets messier

Marc Nadon was judicially mugged

Barbara Amiel on why the Supreme Court was wrong to reject Marc Nadon

What can Stephen Harper do about Marc Nadon?

Peter MacKay’s "very interesting scenario" becomes reality
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The hot mess of the Nadon appointment

Irwin Cotler is unimpressed