Supreme Court

Senate 20130522

Q&A: Manitoba Justice Minister Andrew Swan on abolishing the Senate

’We think the best approach is simply to get rid of a very outmoded, ancient institution’
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Manitoba vs. Senate reform

The Manitoba government files its factum
Supreme Court of Canada

Documents from the coming court battles over Senate reform

Paul Wells tracks down the arguments in the Bill C-7 debate
Senate 20130522

The Harper government’s galling argument in the Senate reference

The government aims to change the amending formula by stealth
Senate 20130326

The Senate reference: the feds argue every which way

Paul Wells looks at the political strategy behind the legal argument for Senate reform
Pierre Poilievre

The Conservatives file their Senate reform factum

The government makes its case for moving forward on Senate reform
David Johnston

What do we really want to do with the Senate?

Why it’s not good enough to demand reform or abolition
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The sex lives of puppets

’What sex is your children’s teddy bear?’ and other burning questions
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Thomas Mulcair vs. The Supreme Court vs. The Liberals

’If the NDP wants to play that game, it will have to play it with the Bloc alone once again’
Tom Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair and the Supreme Court

The NDP leader explains his questions about the court