Susan Boyle

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Howard Stern is a jerk—with a point to ponder

Gabourey Sidibe isn’t exactly on the road to becoming an "American Cinderella"
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Will Simon destroy ‘American Idol’?

It’s not just that he’s leaving the world’s No. 1 hit show. It’s where he’s going that’s the threat.
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The secret to Susan Boyle’s success

Other reality stars (think Adam Lambert, Kris Allen) try to be originals. Boyle knows better.
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Newsmakers ’09: Winners

The year’s winners
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Newsmakers of the week

Berlusconi lands in the doghouse again, Barbie gets inked, Steven Page is off the hook

UPDATE: Susan Boyle does the inevitable

A little tweezing and dying for the Britain’s Got Talent star
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**UPDATED** Reality show shocker: Susan Boyle’s got all kinds of talent

47-year-old is Britain’s latest singing—and YouTube—sensation