Swing Vote

Oops, did I just say ‘comeback’?

Kevin Costner may be on an upswing with ‘Swing Vote’


Hollytics vs. Politics

Once in a while you see a movie that terrifies you based solely on the poster. It’s wrong, I know, because you shouldn’t pre-judge a movie that you haven’t seen. (Though if that movie has Kevin Costner in it and has Kevin Costner as the producer, then I think it becomes OK to pre-judge just a little.) But when I saw the poster for Swing Vote, I had the feeling that this could be another Man of the Year, a film about how the problem with politics is that the parties can’t put aside their partisan differences, work together for common goals, neither of the candidates stand for anything, blah blah. (This message will be particularly popular in a year where both Presidential candidates in the U.S. claim to be beyond partisanship in one way or another.)