Syrian refugee crisis


Remembering Alan Kurdi

On the anniversary of the little boy’s death, Alan Kurdi’s family laments how little has changed in Syria.
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Why Alan Kurdi still needs our rage

We all have every right to be angry. It’s what Syrians need from all of us right now.
Syrian Civil War

Syrians use Pokémon Go to draw attention to children’s deaths

Opposition forces highlight the over 14,000 children who have been killed in Syria so far

True North refugees: Where 25,000 Syrians have settled in Canada

Canada has welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees to our country. Here are their new hometowns.
Election 2012

How Trudeau would work with a Trump presidency

The PM on the U.S. election: ’I look forward to working with whoever gets elected’
Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Tories didn’t cherry-pick religious minority refugees: ex-minister

To determine which refugees were most needy, Chris Alexander says his government had to ’set some priorities’
Justin Trudeau; Kathleen Wynne

How many privately sponsored Syrian refugees will Canada accept?

Pub nights, crowd funding, church suppers and craft bazaars are raising money to sponsor a Syrian refugee

Live from Davos: Europe at a Tipping Point

With a crisis at Europe’s borders as it tries to control the influx of refugees and to prevent terrorist attacks, how can Europe protect itself without betraying its values?
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‘Welcome to Canada:’ An update on Family No. 417

The Syrian family found itself on the cover of Maclean’s—and then met the Prime Minister