systemic racism


’Black police officers who complain about anti-Black racism endure punishment’

Judy Grant: My life as a police officer depends on the protection of a team. Systemic racism within the police institution leads to civilian deaths as well as figurative deaths. In my case, extended sick leave due to traumatic mental stress. 

Carol Anderson and Kevin Young in conversation with Paul Wells: Maclean’s Live

The esteemed professors and writers sat down with senior writer Paul Wells to discuss systemic racism in the U.S., policy solutions and more. Watch the full replay.
Police in Minneapolis move toward protesters on May 30 (Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times /Getty Images)

‘The weight of change should not rest on the shoulders of Black people’

Esi Edugyan: For true systemic shifts to occur, everyone has to recognize that the whole underlying structure is so irreparably broken that no one can afford to live like this anymore
Marchers in Washington express their anger and outrage over George Floyd’s death to police (Dee Dwyer)

‘Black women: It’s time society fights for our lives, too’

Eternity Martis: Black women, who experience ’misogy­noir,’ a mix of misogyny and racism, are also aggressively punished by police
Protests across the U.S. began in May and continued into June: a protester in Los Angeles on May 27 (Jason Armond /Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

The cameras on your phones make Black people invisible

Ian Williams: ’Dear cell phone companies,’ There are software issues with your phones that I won’t get into. My date and time function is frozen in the 18th century.
A woman gets help rinsing her eyes with milk after being targeted with pepper spray (Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

Canada’s own legacy of racist oppression

Andray Domise: ’To my brothers and sisters in America,’ you may be unaware that Canada aligned itself against your lives when it mattered
Former NFL player Tyrone Carter hugs a protester at the site where George Floyd was killed (Jerry Holt/Star Tribune/ Getty Images)

We must work toward an abolitionist future for our world

Rinaldo Walcott: There has been something animated by the death of George Floyd that is deeply familiar and that calls out for something more—something beyond mere redress, arrest and conviction
A young woman takes a knee in front of police officers during a protest in San Jose, Calif., on May 29 (Dai Sugano/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News/Getty Images)

We must defund the police. It is the only option.

Sandy Hudson: ’Dear white people,’ through your inaction, you show us your inherent belief system—a Black life lived with dignity is unreasonable, and a liberated Black life is impossible.
Demonstrators in Washington gather outside the White House to protest the death of George Floyd (Dee Dwyer)

Letters to America from Black Canadians

Eight writers pen open letters to America addressing the task of confronting racism that—deny it as some Canadians might—persists in their own country
Protests across the U.S. began in May and continued into June: a young girl in St. Louis on May 29 (Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

Vote that Willy Lump Lump out of the White House

Seventeen years after his trailblazing father’s death, author Lawrence Hill pleads for guidance as anti-Black violence engulfs the U.S.—but runs rampant in Canada, too