systemic racism

A protester in Minneapolis is helped by medics after being teargassed outside the city’s Fifth Precinct (Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images)

A letter to the Canada-U.S. border: They said it would be different on this side.

Desmond Cole: Things are different, but not enough to save us. And once we cross over you, we must be quiet, like grateful and humbled guests in a museum.
Protests across the U.S. began in May and continued into June: a protester in Los Angeles on May 27 (Jason Armond /Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

Tear gas, outrage, solidarity: Scenes from the protests against racism across the U.S.

Photographers on the ground during protests and riots across the U.S. capture images of pain, resilience and the aftermath of police brutality

Which party will address systemic racism in Canada?

Ritika Goel: Let’s stop talking about whether Justin Trudeau is racist and examine the policy platforms of each party instead
Thunder Bay city limits. (Phootgraph by Cole Burston)

Something must be done about the Thunder Bay police

An unprecedented report says ‘systemic racism’ exists within the force, and that there was ‘neglect of duty’ among investigators. Is it beyond fixing?