tale of the tape - lisa raitt remix


The Tale of the Tape (LRM) Re-redux – No, that’s not all there is, apparently.

On the plus side, at least this will offend a different demographic.


Shameless self-promotion: ITQ does CTV – and CBC too!

While ITQ is busily engaged in what she will cheerfully, if geekily admit is one of her very favourite journalistic activities — putting together as obsessively detailed a timeline of this latest Tale of the Tape as she can construct from available sources — interested readers can check out her chat with Dan Matheson on CTV News earlier today. Meanwhile, even earlier today — like, crack of dawn early —  she was in a teeny tiny CBC studio with none other than Kory Teneycke, chatting with The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti about — oh, you know, things. Anyway,  soon as the audio goes up  — which also includes an interview with Colleague Maher, although sadly, he wasn’t in the booth with us, as he’s still in Halifax —  I’ll add a link to that, too.

Tale of the Tape (Lisa Raitt Remix)

Judge sides with the Chronicle-Herald, dismisses bid for an injunction