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Callum Shoniker is an animated hero

Meet the Toronto teen voicing the biggest characters in the cartoon universe—including a PAW Patrol pup
Joan Is Awful

“Over the top and gross and funny”: Annie Murphy on that Black Mirror bathroom scene

“Everyone on set reverted to 10-year-old children—even Salma Hayek had a good time”

“I’d die immediately”: Yellowjackets star Sophie Nélisse rates her wilderness survival skills

In time for season two of Showtime’s smash psychodrama, the Quebec-bred ingenue talks braving the Canadian outdoors, her newfound fame and those meat-eating scenes

How this choreographer created the creepy monster movement in The Last of Us

Vancouver’s Paul Becker studied National Geographic, Japanese dance and Jurassic Park to design how the Infected get around

“I was living this double life: law student by day and Survivor contestant by night”

Kane Fritzler, the first Survivor contestant from Saskatchewan, is feeling the pressure: two of the last three winners are Canadian
EP 2. Alberta Legislation building HBO

How HBO’s The Last Of Us transformed Alberta into a zombie wasteland

Jason Nolan, the show’s Calgary-based location manager, shares stories from the set and explains why the province made for an ideal backdrop for the hit series
Paulina Alexis plays the tough-talking, tear-jerking character Willie Jack. (Photos courtesy Paul Swanson)

Paulina Alexis is Reservation Dogs’ breakout star

The 20-year-old actress from Alberta is upending Hollywood tradition while upholding her own
The Lake

Anatomy of a Scene: Cottage-country comedy ‘The Lake’

The eight-episode Amazon Prime series set in northeastern Ontario begins streaming on Friday
(Pictured): Iman Vellani. Photo by Irvin Rivera.

I used to dress up as Ms. Marvel for Halloween. Now I play her on TV.

“Marvel was all I ever talked about,” says Iman Vellani, a comic book fan from Ontario turned on-screen superhero
Lindsay Somers. (Photograph by Claudine Baltazar)

How Lindsay Somers takes the awkward out of on-screen nudity

As Canada’s first-ever intimacy coordinator, Somers helps TV actors get comfortable with getting frisky